Gone, All Gone

*sigh* My laptop is back and the hard disk is replaced, but a small chunk of my life is gone. I said earlier that losing the hard disk somehow did not sadden me because at the time, the US election did not go my way, but as I got my laptop back and started rebuilding, I realized how much I had lost. Did I not back-up my data in another disk? Yes, I did, to a hard disk with a capacity of 320GB! But alas, that darned LaCie Big Disk was corrupted just few days before the laptop incident. As a result, some files were damaged, including my photo and music collection. Thank goodness there was the desktop back-up. Now I do what I should have done long time ago: back-up onto CD-ROMs and DVDs; lesson learned…*sigh*

I have fallen off the NaNoWriMo and BlogMo wagon, but I am going to see if I can catch up. …doubt it, but maybe I can make it a LoDecWriMo and LoDecBlogMo (Local December Writing Month and Blogging Month). Any takers?


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