HKG: Still One of the Friendliest Airports

HKG Frequent Visitor ChannelIf you travel a lot through Hong Kong (HKG), make sure to apply for the Hong Kong Frequent Visitor Card (HKG-FVC). The card, which allows you a separate (read SPEEDY) lane at immigration (both coming and going), is very easy and very quick to obtain. The initial requirement is for you to travel at least three times into HKG in the past 12 months. After approval and issuance of the card, you will have to travel at least 6 times within a two-year period. I have had the card for a while now, and when you see the serpentine lines at immigration at any time during the day, you will be grateful to have this Frequent Visitor Card in your possession. As mentioned earlier, the card allows you speedy lane both on the way out and on the way in.

Application can be done either online or submitted via regular mail. Your card will arrive through regular mail. In terms of card renewals, here is what the website says, “Qualified FVC card holders will be notified by email one month prior to card expiry. Upon confirmation of the postal address, a new card will be sent out approximately within three weeks. During the transitional period, card holders will be granted a one-month extension of card validity.” Remember that you have to have had travelled at least 6 times within the two-year period to remain eligible for renewals.

For more information on this HKG Frequent Visitor Card, click HERE.
To apply online for the HKG Frequent Visitor Card, click HERE. You have to read through the terms, agree on them, before it will provide you with the application form. You have the option of filling the application and submitting it online, or downloading the form and submitting it via regular mail.
For information on Card Renewals, click HERE.

As if that was not enough, the HKG Immigration Department extended the e-Channel services to Frequent Visitors. This too, has an amazingly speedy application process. When the program commenced at the end of 2004, I went to the office right before the immigration lanes, showed my HKG Frequent Visitor Card, filled a quick form, submitted my biometrics (digital fingerprints), waited a couple of minutes before the official placed a barcode sticker at the back of my passport. This is the barcode that will be scanned by the e-Channel scanner to grant you admission.

For more information on the HKG e-Channel process, click HERE.

To view a video on the process of going through the e-Channel, click HERE.


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