NRT: JAL’s Sakura First Class Lounge

There are two sections of the Sakura Lounge at the Main Terminal 2 of Narita International Airport (there is an additional Sakura Lounge at the Satellite Terminal): The First Class and the Business Class lounges. At the main entrance, guests either make a left turn to head for the FC section or a right turn for the BC section.

Immediately behind the check-in counter at the First Class lounge, one could find another counter, this one for Spa treatment. Each guest is allowed a 15-minute massage, courtesy of JAL: Full body massage, Head massage, or Foot massage (reflexology). But really, a 15-minute full body massage? That is quite a teaser. I have done all three, and decided that the 15 minutes are best spent either on your feet or on your head.

Walking further down the corridor, one would pass a self-service storage room on the left, with both open shelves and a limited number of key-operated lockers. Perhaps for security and identification purposes, these lockers have glass windows. There is no time limit.

At the end of the corridor, it opens up to the Lounge proper, with many seating areas and different configurations. At the far end is the dining area, with self-service buffet of both western and asian dishes; self-service beverage area as well as a manned bar. Dining is not restricted to this area; one can bring the food to other seating areas or private office booths.

Beef Curry with Pickles by bloompy
Beef Curry with Pickles, a photo by bloompy on Flickr.

There are sectioned seats facing the tarmac, with low seats and ottomans. There are as well face-to-face seatings nearby. The majority of the lounge space is occupied by armchairs configured to face inward in small square or rectangular areas.

Smoking section is at the other far end, a glassed in area with seats and big television set.

No cell phone is to be used in the main seating areas, but it is permissible to be used at designated booths near the restrooms. There are also private offices where one could hook-up a laptop, although electric outlets are abundant throughout the lounge and WiFi is provided free of charge.

Despite the many self-service activities, there are many staff floating around to assure comfort and to provide services when needed. One only has to ask . . .

The JAL Sakura First Class and Business Class Lounges are located in the North Terminal of Terminal 2 at the Narita International Airport, Tokyo, Japan.


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