de Soematra 1910

Built in 1910, an old house on Jalan Sumatera 75 in Surabaya has been converted into an entertaining place, with two formal dining rooms; a couple of sitting rooms fit for high teas; a piano area; a formal café, and a terrace seating area.

The glory of this Dutch Colonial architecture in Indonesia has been restored. Any damaged original elements, such as the tiles, the ceiling, the stained glass windows have been restored and/or faithfully and meticulously replicated.

Dining is by reservations only, two-days in advance at the latest. Walk-ins are limited to the seating rooms, unless they are already reserved and/or occupied.

A new annex consisting of two dining halls and separated from the main house will function as a restaurant in the near future.

A Dining Review can be found HERE.

Architect Hidajat Endramukti of Endramukti Design led the one-year restoration and renovation.

de Soematra 1910
Jalan Sumatera 75
East Java 60281

Tel: +62 (031) 5010-666
Fax: +62 (031) 5023-666

[UPDATE: 23 September 2011]
As of September 9, 2011, Erni D. Susanti resigned as Manager of de Soematra. A replacement has yet to be named. More updates to follow.

The FoyerThe Foyer, facing the entranceThe Foyer, facing the Indigo RoomThe Foyer, facing the Piano RoomThe Piano Room
One of the sitting roomsOne of the Sitting RoomsThe Indigo RoomThe Indigo RoomThe Indigo RoomThe main corridor
A desk at the corridorThe Main Dining HallThe Main Dining HallThe Main Dining HallThe Main Dining HallThe Main Dining Hall
The Main Dining HallThe Main Dining HallSalade de crevettes Soupe à l'oignonMain entrée of SteakCrème Brulée

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Surabaya Walk for Autism 2011

A great turnout for what is billed to be the first ever Surabaya Walk for Autism. The event took place on Saturday, April 2, 2011, with Live Performances at the Atrium of the newly opened Grand City Mall and Exhibition Center in Surabaya. Approximately 400 people were in attendance.

Despite the rain, the Walk for Autism itself commenced past 16:00 through the following route: Grand City Mall, toward Jalan Pemuda, Jalan Yos Sudarso, Walikota Mustajab (the Surabaya City Hall), and then back to the Grand City Surabaya. Many supporters brought banners and chanted throughout the walk. Participants included autistic children and their parents, families and friends, as well as supporters from as far as Europe and the United States. A wheelchair-bound, well-known, former ophthalmologist and stroke survivor Dr. J. Kadi was also seen joining the Walk, with a great spirit and a disregard for the drizzling Continue reading