Express Your Inner Chameleon in Hong Kong

There are countless irritating things in life, but going through a metro turnstile should not be one of them. The flow of commuters often come to a screeching halt when a thoughtless rider had not bothered to prepare his card ready to swipe on the reader, or the clueless commuter had forgotten to top-up (refill the card). Tourists are the usual suspects, but equally guilty are the city’s own denizens, too busy yapping on the cellphone or finishing off a level of Angry Birds.

Hong Kong is not immune to all this. This John Chen‘s CNN-GO article “How to be a Hong Kong Local: 10 Tips on Faking It” pins the above transgression at #9. Read it HERE.


From Here to Eternity . . .

Kokuritsu-Kyōgijō StationIt may not look like it, but this Oedo-subway-line escalator at the Kokuritsu-kyogijo (by Sendagaya JR Train Station) seems to be one of the longest escalators I have ever seen in Japan, in the U.S., or in Europe. When you hop in it and stay put, it takes quite a while to reach the top (or the bottom). I actually started reading Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” at the bottom and finished it three steps before reaching the top. And I read that twice.

Currently Tokyo is building its 13th line, somewhere down beneath the Meiji-dori (Meiji street), one of the busiest streets in the city. While that is not yet near completion, Oedo line will for the time being carry the title of “the last” subway to be built in Tokyo.

Oedo line, the 12th subway line, was inaugurated on 12/12/12 (December 12 on the Japanese year 12 [the Japanese year starts on the beginning of the reign of a new Continue reading