Convenience Everywhere!

Convenience Everywhere! by bloompy
Convenience Everywhere!, a photo by bloompy on Flickr.

I remember Japan as a land of gadgets: there is no end to what this country can invent.

I remember a friend of mine who gave me a book filled with Japanese gadgets, including this small table you can “wear” in front of your tummy (the table is hanged much like the cigarette tray worn by cigarette girls in the US in the 40s) so that you can lay your forearms Continue reading


Gone, All Gone

*sigh* My laptop is back and the hard disk is replaced, but a small chunk of my life is gone. I said earlier that losing the hard disk somehow did not sadden me because at the time, the US election did not go my way, but as I got my laptop back and started rebuilding, I realized how much I had lost. Did I not back-up my data in another disk? Yes, I did, to a hard disk with a capacity of 320GB! But alas, that darned LaCie Big Disk was corrupted just few days before the laptop incident. As a result, some files were damaged, including my photo and music collection. Thank goodness there was the desktop back-up. Now I do what I should have done long time ago: back-up onto CD-ROMs and DVDs; lesson learned…*sigh*

I have fallen off the NaNoWriMo and BlogMo wagon, but I am going to see if I can catch up. …doubt it, but maybe I can make it a LoDecWriMo and LoDecBlogMo (Local December Writing Month and Blogging Month). Any takers?