Bloompy Grieves with Japan

The Blogs of Bloompy was born on April 20, 2004 in Tokyo, Japan. Until 2008, it chronicled observations on life and experiences in that amazing metropolis and unforgettable country. It is therefore with much sadness that I witnessed, from afar, the unfolding tragedy in the forms of Earthquake and Tsunami that had recently befell on the Land of the Cherry Blossoms. I believe that the resilience and the determination of the Japanese people will rebuild those shattered lives.

Bloompy grieves with Japan and the Japanese People.


Here Quake, There Quake!

I thought I had left the earthquake country behind when I moved out of San Francisco, California, but the quake had found me hiding in Tokyo. Yep, just now, we experienced an earthquake followed by tremors in the longest span of time I had ever known. A year ago, when I was still living in San Francisco and my partner lived in Tokyo, we were talking on the phone. I was at home, and he was at a café with his colleagues. Suddenly, through the phone, he told me that he just experienced his first earthquake ever. Interestingly enough, few seconds later, in San Francisco, the earth moved under my feet. It was as if the ocean Continue reading